The Deadly Stings France

The Deadly Stings cast was created in 2009 by formers members of the saturday night cast in Paris, who where very involved in the Studio Galande. The goal of the team was to spread Rocky Horror Picture Show everywhere in France. The first step was done by creating the first regular cast outside Paris. The chosen city was Lyon, the second biggest city in France. From modest beginning in a bookstore, the cast has performed in front of bigger and bigger audiences.

Since the cast managers Julien and Vanessa, were living in Paris, they also have played on a regular basis with their friends of the Friday Night cast, the No Good Kids. In 2012, the Studio Galande theater offers us extra showing of the Movie for special events like Halloween. Then, a second cast was built in Paris, around Julien and Vanessa, with friends, rocky fans and old performers. Two years later, the Deadly Stings became the official saturday night cast of the Studio Galande.

When are we playing Rocky Horror?


The show is EVERY Saturday night at the Studio Galande, in Paris


Show is performed several time a year.

More info: Visit our Facebook and WebSite.

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